OOAK – Act Like This (feat. Jemere Morgan)

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    OOAK - Act Like This (feat. Jemere Morgan)
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OOAK - Act Like This (feat. Jemere Morgan)

Act Like This

OOAK chose ‘Act like this’ to be their debut single. This mid-tempo song is written by group member Kimberley and A&R manager Ryan Lisse (who happens to be a succesful writer/producer known for his work for a Dutch TV program in cooperation with Greenpeace).

‘Act Like This’ is produced by Project Hyplified (production team of i.e. Ali B, Angela Groothuizen, Keizer and Gio) and producer Krankjoram (known for his productions of rappers Keizer, SBMG and Cho). The song is catchy and has an international vibe to it. ‘Act like this’ shows the individual vocals of Kimberley, Cherish and Me’shell as well as their unique harmonies. Together with the smooth voice of American/Jamaican singer Jemere Morgan (known for his connection with Reggae band Morgan Heritage) makes this song a potential hit.