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OOAK - Tonight


‘Tonight’ is a refreshing track, full of old-school swing and groove that’ll send you bouncing into your night out. This single is the first taste of 2016, which promises many great things from this ‘must-follow’ group.

Working together with the same producer that brought their 2015 single ‘Act Like This’ to life, Ryan Lisse, and producer Martin Jacott, OOAK has delivered a great track that leaves plenty of room for their vocals to resonate over the old-school bassline.

‘Tonight’ is strengthened with the talents of New York guitarist and winner of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Next Young Gun’ contest, Marcus Machado, and pianist, Almar Nooitmeer, both respected musicians and producers that can be linked to the Dutch artists Boris and Sarbina Starke. The track is mixed by Shakil Bholasing and mastered by Statinski Mastering.

With modern elements to its lyrics and sound, ‘Tonight’ could easily be the ultimate party song of 2016.